The Scary Maze Game Is Here…

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ScarymazegameIf you have never player the scary maze game before you missed a lot of fun. This game is popular all over the world and is used to prank on friends and relatives. The mission of the player in this game is to drive a small dot through the dark maze without hitting its walls. This means that if you manage to reach the finish line (red square), you will move to next round. If you accidentally hit the walls, you will start the level from the beginning. Also I would like to say that the game is really scary and the surprise which is waiting for you at the end of the game can scary you to the death, that’s why¬† viewer discretion is advised, please don’t let little kids play this game. To have fun with this game, just send the link to our website to your friends, and ask them to complete several levels of this very difficult game. It would be better to be close to watch their reaction when they find out the hidden secret of the game. Don’t forget to turn the sound ON, you may hear something interesting.

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Scary Maze Game is the most popular prank game today, if you browse YouTube with the search phrase “scary maze game” you will get a lot of fun watching those videos. Also keep in mind that there are a lot of different versions of the game available on the internet but the meaning is the same – have fun with friends. Hope you will have great fun with this maze game and share it with friends. Just Bookmark the ScaryMazeGame.ME

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